With the sun starting to make more of a regular appearance, the dials on our thermometers rising and (fingers crossed) the increased lifting of restrictions coming into place, there has never been a better time to get together with (no more than 6) friends and family to have an outdoor meal.

With the immediate thoughts being to barbecue everything in sight, using a smoker is a seriously underrated way to cook a delicious meal.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the very best wine suggestions (coming from the experts at Vintage Roots) that make for incredible pairings with smoked beef.

This blog will be divided up into some of the most popular meals: beef brisket, ribs and sausages – because let’s be honest, these are the three everyone loves the most.

Commonly, red wine is the way to go when it comes to anything beef, so we will be focusing on three delicious reds.

Having said that, it’s all down to personal preference. So if you love nothing more than a glass of Chardonnay with your beef, who says you shouldn’t!

Right, on with the blog!

The Best Wine to Pair with Smoked Beef Brisket

Smoked Beef Brisket has the appearance of being crisp and burnt on the outside.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to taste the main section of the cut – this is known as the bark.

A properly smoked brisket will be full of flavour, soft and tender, and make you pause for those extra few seconds to appreciate the experience of what you’ve just tasted.

Let’s introduce you to Neil Palmer, the resident wine expert at Vintage Roots.

“Because of the extremely rich smoky flavour, it’s important to choose a wine that doesn’t stand in the way of the taste; you need a wine that compliments the brisket and goes nicely alongside it. A great choice, therefore, is a glass of Pinot Noir. As with most reds, Pinot Noir tends to be dry. The difference between Pinot Noir and other reds is the nose, which is far fruitier in Pinot Noir than its other red counterparts. In terms of the overall profile, you can think medium to high acidity, low to medium tannin combined with a floral finish.” Neil from Vintage Roots.

How to Smoke Beef

If you’re liking the sound of a delicious bottle of Pinot Noir combined with a smoked-to-perfection Beef Brisket, you may be in the position of not knowing how to smoke the beef in the first place.

This is completely fine, and it’s why we’ve paired up with Bradley Smokers to bring you this guide.

If you’re after the ultimate smoked beef experience, we recommend the Bradley 6 Rack Digital.

It’s a uniquely crafted smokehouse, with the latest technology to ensure that the cooking experience is as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in the beef smoking game, it couldn’t be any easier to smoke the perfect beef brisket with the 6 Rack Digital. With it being British Beef Week, now would definitely be a good time to invest in a smoker.

Here’s a recipe for Beef Brisket from Bradley Smoker: https://www.bradleysmoker.com/recipe/smoked-brisket-in-the-bradley-smoker/

Moving onto the next cut of beef – ribs!

The Best Wine to Pair with Smoked Beef Ribs

It made sense to write about Smoked Beef Ribs after brisket, as they share a few things in common but have a couple of key differences as well.

To start with the similarities, you can expect ribs to have a crispy outside and a succulent body of meat. In terms of cooking and serving, it’s very common to have dips and sauces available to try with the ribs, which you don’t normally have with brisket.

This could be a slight hindrance to the choice of wine, as an unusual sauce could make for an (interesting?) combination.

“Smoked ribs are an interesting one – with the variety of sauces and dips that potentially could be served with the meat, it’s important to have a good ‘middle of the road wine’ to accommodate this. So we are essentially looking for a wine equivalent to ‘The Eagles’ – a good all-rounder, but one that will never rock the boat. I would suggest a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.” Neil from Vintage Roots. You can find a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon here: https://www.vintageroots.co.uk/browse-all-wines/red-grapes/organic-cabernet-sauvignon-wines/

Here’s a recipe for Beef Ribs from Bradley Smoker: https://www.bradleysmoker.co.uk/beef-ribs/ 

Let’s move onto our final smoked beef selection…

The Best Wine to Pair with Smoked Beef Sausages

Always a staple of the cook-out, sausages are seemingly on everyone’s plate, all of the time.

Sausages are far less rich, but equally as delicious, as the two aforementioned topics.

This means that we can look towards slightly more strong bodied and adventurous flavours for wine pairings.

“Smoked Beef Sausages are still full of strong smokey flavour, but are nowhere near as densely flavoursome as brisket or ribs. We can think about pushing the boat out, therefore, when it comes to choosing our wine pairings. I would choose a full bodied red with plenty of aroma in the nose, so a delicious bottle of Malbec would fit well.” Neil from Vintage Roots.

Here’s a recipe for Beef Sausages from Bradley Smoker: https://www.bradleysmoker.com/recipe/smoking-storebought-sausages/

Have a Lovely Summer!

Well, we hope that this blog has been really helpful, and informative, to everyone and anyone looking for advice on which wines to pair with smoked beef.

Due to smoking food being a less common method than barbecuing, it could be the next big thing for your friends and family to enjoy, and be surprised about!

As we move forward and away into the summer of 2021, having a big get-together with your very own smokehouse will undoubtedly be the talking point (and envy) of your circle.