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Bradley Professional P10 800w Hot Food Smoker

Full Description

The new BS1019 takes food smoking to the next level. Crafted for the professional chef and the outdoor connoisseur. This world-class bad boy boasts a large cooking area, comes with 4 racks (with space for 6 racks), and a built-in smoke generator for your Bradley Flavour Bisquettes(TM). And with precision temperature controls and programmable settings – this will be an unrivalled food smoking experience!

Add our easy to use jerky racks, and sausage hooks to increase the enjoyment of your new BS1019 Bradley Smoker!

Specifications and Manual

Rated Voltage: 120 / 240V AC (country specific by factory default)
Rated Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Rated Power: 1000W
Main heating element: 2 x 400W
Bisquette burner: 2 x 100W
Internal volume: 76L
Total racks: 6
Cooking Area: 6 x 0.13m² / 6 x 201.6 inces²
Cook time adjustable range: 0-10Hrs
Cook time adjustable increment: 10 min at a time
Smoke time adjustable range: 00:20-9:40Hrs
Smoke time adjustable increment: 20 min at the time
Smoker internal operating temperature range: 30-160℃/86-320°F
Smoker internal adjustable range increment: 1℃/1 or 2°F at the time
Smoker external operating temperature range: -9 -169℃/15.8-336°F
Adjustable target temperature range when connected to the smoker: 5-100℃/41-212°F
Adjustable range increment: 1℃/1 or 2°F at the time
Internal food measurement range: 0-100℃/0-212°F

View and download Manual here.

Download Data Sheet here.


Bradley Smokers are warranted fit for purpose and free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. A longer warranty period may apply depending on the country in which you purchased your smoker. Bradley Smokers are intended for domestic household use.

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All Bradley Smokers are CE approved for use in the European Union.


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