We are delighted to announce that the new Bradley P10 Professional Smoker has now arrived in our European warehouses and is available for delivery to our European dealers.

Intended for the professional or ‘power’ user we have new features available on the P10 never before seen on a domestically priced, bench top food smoker. The P10 delivers a new level of program-ability, enabling chefs and smoke masters to define the precise time, temperature and smoke combination for up to 50 recipes, added to the P10 through a USB interface, and then ‘dialled’ at will on the illuminated control panel. Perfect your recipe and smoke formula, store it and make it available to you and your colleagues, through a single turn of the selector dial.

With a professional grade steel body design, the P10 is our most powerful smoker yet, with a total heat capacity of 1000 W in the 76 litre cabinet. It uses, as you would expect, the Bradley Smoker method of producing clean continuous smoke through the burning of the the natural wood Bradley Flavour bisquettes. On this model the smoke generator is built in to a windowed compartment containing the automated bisquette feed system. The P10 will produce smoke for up to 10 hours without the need to add bisquettes.

The new P10 will make its first appearance at the UK’s Professional Kitchen, next week. See our event directory for details.

Further details of the bradley p10 Professional Smoker are on this website page  and recipes defined by us for use with the P10 are in our dedicated P10  recipe section.

The Bradley P10 Professional Smoker can be purchased from authorised dealers and directly from our online shop.