Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the questions we are asked frequently. If you have a question that needs answering, and it doesn't appear below, then please Contact Us.

FAQs - Troubleshooting

How do I register my Bradley Smoker's Warranty?

You can register your Bradley Smoker's warranty at the Warranty Registration Page


My digital smoker has power to the generator but the smoker (heat element) doesn’t turn on, what can I do?

Please make sure that the cord that runs from the generator (smoker) to the smoker tower (where the food goes in) is connected tightly. Please pay close attention to the tower. There is a lip on the cord, make sure that it’s flush with the unit.


What is an “E” message?

An “E” message is letting you know that there is something wrong with the advance system. It’s the connection between the motor arm and the micro switch. Please open the generator, and take a look at that switch which is a grey rectangle shaped switch; first make sure that it is connected, secondly makes sure nothing is blocking that switch and the arm.


What is an “E1” message?

An “E1” message is something to do with the sensor cable. The sensor cable is the short thin cable that runs from the generator to the tower. Please make sure that it is connected, secondly unplug it and switch the ends around, so plug “A” side into “B” and the “B” side into “A” sometime that makes a better connection. Also make sure that is nothing blocking that connection ie: loose chips, dust. Then check the connection; by wiggling one side of the connection and then the other, if the “E1” message temporarily goes away while you were wiggling one side, you need a new sensor connector.


The bisquettes advance when I push the button but will not advance every 20 minutes?

This could be a defective timer unit, or the bisquettes are catching on the feeder tube. First please make sure your feeder tube is pushed down. If the problem continues please Contact Us.


The bisquettes are constantly advancing?

This means that the motor is not making a connection with the micro-switch. You could have a defective motor or micro switch.


The power light is on the generator but not on the tower, the heat element will not light up?

Please plug the tower directly into the wall, if the light turns on and the heat element starts to heat then there is a wire off in the generator. If you continue to have problems please give us a call.


My smoker will not get up to temperature?

There are a few things that you need to check, first is the heat element glowing red in the back of the unit, and secondly is your “V” shaped drip tray in like a “V”? How much meat do you have in the unit? Is there space between the meat for air flow? Did you preheat your smoker? This should be done for 30-60 min, your meat should be at room temperature when it enters the smoker, Make sure you are not using foil, and lastly, make sure that the damper is open at the top of the unit.

Do we soak the bisquettes before we use them?

No, no , no!

How can I control the moisture inside my smoker?

You can control the moisture in you smoker by the vent in the top of the unit. If the vent is closed you will have more moisture in your unit than you would if the vent was open. Please keep in mind not to close the vent in the top all the way when smoke is running. Ex: When doing beef jerky you want to dry the meat so keep the vent all the way open the whole time.

What about Spare Parts in Europe?

We hold spare parts in the UK, available through the UK distributor . Please Contact Us.

Bradley Smoker Forum

Bradley Smoker Forum The Bradley Smoker Forum is an International resource for users worldwide to share recipes, tips and advice.


FAQs - Food Smoking

How long does it take to smoke food in the Bradley Smoker?

Obviously the times vary with the size of the cuts or portions of food, and with whether you are cold or hot smoking. Well you knew that, but to give a simple answer - hot smoked chicken in the time it takes to cook, say 90 minutes - 2 hrs, cold smoked salmon in 4 to 5 hours, bacon (cold smoked) in 6 hours, cheese in say 3 hours, mackerel in say 45 minutes. The answer is probably a lot quicker than you imagined.

Why is cold smoke so important?

Creating smoke without heat is the best way to control the flavour of any food being smoked. In most food smokers heat is generated by burning wood, as the wood burns from ignition to complete ash the wood generates heat. At the point where wood is self-consuming (burns without any heat source) it produces a lot of heat. At this point there is very little smoke produced and the temperature within the smoker is out of control. A food smoker will produce a far superior tasting food if the temperature and smoke remain at a constant and controlled level.

So is this a barbecue or is it a real smoker?

An odd question you may ask but many people have experience of other brands of smoker which are used in a bbq setting to create smoky barbecue food. In fact there is a whole tradition of smoke barbecuing and roasting in North America complete with barbecue championships. Originating in Canada, it is easy to see why the Bradley Smoker is generally presented in that way. In the UK, our tradition in smoking food is as a lone activity, where careful attention to detail, and an understanding of smoking techniques goes together to create smoked salmon, venison, duck, and other gourmet delights. Through its design, the Bradley Smoker is more than a match for these tasks, although without much of the hassle. It is a real smoker as we understand it. It will produce delicatessen quality results and we have many users in the UK using it just for this purpose.



Where must I put the smoker and can it be used indoors?

The Bradley Smoker is a natural draft smoker which means that smoke rises through the cabinet and exits through the vent in the top. It would normally be used outdoors and is light enough to lift and carry easily from a place of permanent storage into the open air. That said, it would be perfectly possible to use the smoker indoors have arranged a method of smoke extraction. A normal extractor fan, above the smoker would cope easily.

How much smoke does it make?

Too much to use indoors in a confined space without specific ventilation - see above. But outside in the open , or under a lean to, the smoke rapidly dissipates . It does not make bonfires full of smoke. It will not disturb the neighbours!


What is the difference between a cold smoked or hot smoked product?

Most smoked foods that are produced for resale are first cured and then cold smoked. Cold smoking is usually done below 100 degrees F. or below a temperature that burns or liquefies fat. Heat is added at the end of the smoking process for appearance and flavour. A hot smoked food needs very little curing and has the appearance, taste, and texture of fully cooked foods.

How does Bradley make the Flavour Bisquettes?

That's a secret. However we will tell you that the bisquettes are made with all natural products and the wood we use is clean and kiln dried and has not been used for some other purpose before we made it into a bisquette. Collagen is used to bind the wood chippings. The bisquettes are in all respects organic.

How much does it cost to operate the Bradley Smoker?

The price of the Flavour bisquette consumables, burning approximately one every 20 minutes, is under one £ pound (GBP) per hour, approximately 1.2 euros.


Can I be sure of a supply of bisquettes in the UK?

Absolutely yes. We import by the container. If there is no stockist in your area, or if bisquettes are unavailable, please Contact Us directly for a source of supply.


Why is the Bradley Smoker more expensive in Europe than in N America?

As with the vast majority of other products that are imported, in Europe, there is an additional link in the supply chain where a distributor makes a bulk purchase from the manufacturer, stores the products and supplies retail outlets for sale to the public. The distributor, Grakka Limited, also provides marketing, local product expertise, and warranty support. Bradley Smokers are now also made to a different specification for the European market, in order to conform to regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous substances. Be aware also that N. America prices are usually quoted without the addition of local taxes whereas European prices are usually quoted inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). An item privately imported from outside the European Union attracts both import duty and VAT on both the item and the freight costs.